Showcase is the video Common App for jobs. We enable you to apply to many jobs at once by answering common interview questions for specific job types (ex. engineering, finance, sales) on video. Through our format, you can apply to 25+ jobs in just 10 minutes while showing off your ability and personality. Think LinkedIn meets Instagram Stories.

We’re excited to bring on our first batch of campus brand ambassadors, who will recruit and educate peers on the value propositions of Showcase. This is a paid opportunity that will demonstrate firsthand what building a startup is like. It also reads well on a resume and in a letter of recommendation 😊

Apply on Showcase

What You’ll Do:

Spread the Word

  • Introduce the Showcase brand and mission to your campus via word-of-mouth, in-person events, social networks and content creation
  • Recruit users: seniors looking for full-time jobs and juniors looking for paid internships
  • Brainstorm tactics to make Showcase product and campus marketing more compelling
  • Connect with friends at other campuses, introduce them to Showcase and potentially bring them on as fellow campus ambassadors if there’s a fit


  • Showcase’s video Common App is a new way to apply to jobs - set up workshops to educate your peers on how Showcase works and why it’s far more efficient than traditional job boards.


  • We’ll be hosting Q&As, educational workshops and collaborative conference calls for you to ask the Showcase team anything and network with your peers on other campuses.
  • Topics may include startups, venture capital, marketing and investing, but you’re in the driver’s seat!

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Is currently enrolled in a US university and is a sophomore, junior or senior
  • Has a strong campus presence - leadership position, Greek Life, athlete, etc
  • Has a public Instagram account with at least 1,000 followers
  • Enjoys putting themselves out there
  • Believes in the Showcase mission: “no candidate left unseen”
  • Passion for startups, new technology products and changing how things are done

The Details:

  • Expected time commitment of 5 hours per week
  • Base pay of $10/hr (plus commission)
  • Commission based on user sign ups and video submissions - if you perform, this can be far higher than your base while taking little additional time!
  • Through December - we may continue based on mutual fit and desire and there may be an opportunity for a paid summer internship onsite in NYC
  • Flexible hours
  • Showcase branded swag will be provided.
  • At some point, we might need you to make memes for us.