Close hiring cycles faster.
Short form video gives you a feel for who candidates are before you meet them in person.
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Browse through our pre-screened candidates or invite your own.

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What is Showcase?

Showcase is the convenient web platform that gives you an intimate look at jobseekers’ personalities and skills via short-form video.

Create a job post
  • Describe your opening and what determines your ideal candidate to fill it.
  • You will be shown a diverse set of candidates who have displayed interest in your job function.
  • Or invite your existing candidates to privately apply to your selected prompts.
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Watch candidate videos
  • Choose the most relevant questions and see candidate answers in a stories format.
  • Shortlist your favorites. A new candidate batch is curated for you and delivered regularly.
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Introduce yourself
  • Share your job post with top prospects and request to interview them right from the platform.
  • When they accept, Showcase makes the connection.
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Why Showcase

Less curation, faster hiring.

We handpick the most compelling candidates and deliver them daily. Invest time towards more meaningful tasks with less sourcing.

Find hidden gems.

Showcase filters applicants by their skill sets, rather than by cold resumes alone. Unearth a diverse, unique talent pool overlooked by more traditional recruitment platforms.

Saved HR hours.

Since our questions are inspired by top companies’ interview processes, Showcase videos reduce the need for a first-round interview.

Ready to go.

Candidates’ videos don’t go live until they’re actively seeking to interview. Dedicate your attention to jobseekers with a high response rate.

About Showcase

Showcase is a video-first marketplace that helps you close hiring cycles faster. Short-form video gives companies instant insight about a jobseeker’s personality and strengths.

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