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How to Prepare for the Four Most Common Behavioral Questions
Here are a few very common behavioral interview questions we’ve seen asked by employers and tips on how you can answer them to land your dream internship or job.
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Common Video Interview Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)
After reviewing hundreds of video submissions end-to-end on Showcase, here are the most common mistakes we see with advice on how to fix them.
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Video Interview Tips
Wonder what a pre-recorded interview answer should look like and how you can put your best foot forward? Aidan, Penn State Campus Ambassador at Showcase, will show you how it's done by answering the most common question of all - "tell me about yourself". We've also made a list of top tips to keep in mind when recording your own video answers.
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The Showcase Launch Party
Here are some pictures from our launch party on August 8th. We had a wonderful time welcoming all our new users to eat, drink, and learn more about our vision for the future of hiring! Stay tuned for the next community meetup!
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