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Best Practices for Your Video Pitch
Chris, Business Development Rep at Showcase, gives you a quick rundown on best practices for recording your video pitch.
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The Showcase Launch Party
Here are some pictures from our launch party on August 8th. We had a wonderful time welcoming all our new users to eat, drink, and learn more about our vision for the future of hiring! Stay tuned for the next community meetup!
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The 4 Things We Look For in a Good Salesperson
It’s natural to wonder how to get the attention of your dream employer, but that shouldn’t have to be a product of guesswork. We want to give you a running start, so in order to help you make more effective videos with our platform, we’ve put together a list of qualities that make a strong salesperson. In fact, these are the criteria we use to evaluate pitches. Since we believe transparency should be a core value for any job marketplace, we’re happy to share these with you. We hope these tips help you on your journey.
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Video Sales Pitches are the Way of the Future. Here’s How to Ace Your First One
If you’ve ever wished you could skip those in-between steps, and leave less up to chance and the dry data points of a LinkedIn profile, you’re not alone. Thankfully, sales leaders are beginning to understand this. 60% of hiring managers believe that presentation and questioning skills are good predictors of success, compared to 30% who believe one’s past experience is a good predictor, and 10% who consider one’s educational level a significant factor, according to a 2018 survey by CSO Insights.
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