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Reclaim your time. Instead of spending 30 minutes on a bad fit, Showcase, a video-first interviewing solution, allows you to screen candidates within five minutes. We help you focus on the candidates that matter.
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“We normally have our VPs screen every candidate. With Showcase, our whole team could go through each applicant in a few minutes. It saved countless hours and was incredibly easy to use. We are never going back!”
Rebecca Contos,
Violetta Group

How It Works

Set questions
  • Choose from our bank of interview questions or create your own.
  • Drag and drop to choose the order that candidates will see the questions.
  • Create a single link to share on your job posts or invite candidates directly within our platform.
  • Track diversity and analyze your funnel by ethnicity, gender or orientation.
Widen My Top Of Funnel
Candidate answers
  • Candidates have two tries per question, with 90 seconds to prepare.
  • This ensures that responses are authentic and reflect what the candidate would say in a real interview.
  • Watch at your leisure, reducing time-to-hire by 80%.
  • Shortlist the best and send them back to your ATS.
Screen On My Own Time
  • Add ratings and comments to share with your teammates.
  • Our structured format reduces bias - compare applicants apples-to-apples.
It's that easy.

Top Talent Loves Showcase


We’ve crafted the experience so candidates can record their responses whenever it suits them best.

Best foot forward.

The best candidates love to present themselves as a culture fit, and Showcase helps them shine.

Improved candidate experience.

If you choose not to move forward with a candidate, Showcase helps them find their next gig.

About Showcase

Showcase is the convenient web platform that lets you hire 80% faster via pre-recorded video interviews. Focus on the candidates that matter.

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